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Caffeine and Watts Team


Emily Ure Lanter

DOB: 4/6/1982

Grew up: Utah

Lives now:Scottsdale, AZ

Road glory? Does triathlon count? 5 time Kona qualifier, multiple OA amateur wins at 70.3 and Ironman distance triathlons.
Dirt glory?

Gravel glory? First time racing gravel this year-can’t wait!!

Preferred caffeine delivery system? Can never have enough coffee...I’ll take caffeine in any form, but Oat Milk Lattes are my present favorite.

Insta: emilyure11

Twit: emilyure11

FB: Emily Ure Lanter


DeLayne Hart

DOB: July 21, 1994

Grew up: Columbia, Missouri

Lives now: Scottsdale, Arizona

Road glory? AZ state champion, but usually faithful domestique

Dirt glory? I don’t race mtb, but I got third at a spartan race once.

Gravel glory? We’re about to find out

Preferred caffeine delivery system? If I’m at home, I make an Aeropress, but with two or three times the usual amount of coffee—I’m aiming for a brew that will hold a spoon vertically, when you go to stir it.

Insta: @delayne_hart

Twit: @aprildelayne

FB: April DeLayne Hart


James Walsh

 DOB: 1/25/78

Grew up: San Diego, CA & Virginia Beach, VA

Lives now: Littleton, CO

Road glory? Cat 3 on the road but quit racing after getting smashed by a car riding in 2013. In Triathlon I won my AG in handful of 70.3s and racing the 70.3 and IM/Kona World Champs in 2011 before retiring from triathlon for life.
Dirt glory? Cat 1 for MTB and CX. Numerous XC MTB and endurance MTB wins and podiums. I was the 2008 Xterra AG World Champion and numerous overall amatuer wins on the Xterra circuit 2006-2008. I have also done a lot of ultra trail running and set the combined course record at the Leadviller Super King (50 mille mtb race saturday / 50 mile run sunday).

Gravel glory? I have been doing mixed terrain riding for years but did my first full season of racing last year. 21st overall and 3rd 40-44 AG at Dirty Kanza 2018, 20th Overall at Gravel Worlds 2018 along with overall podium finishes at local Colorado races.

Preferred caffeine delivery system? Nitro Cold Brew… by the liter… and also Redbull during rides/races

Insta: jmwalsh2

Twit: jmwalsh2

FB: jmwalsh2


Paul Stevenson

 DOB: 02/22/1993

Grew up: Alpharetta, GA

Lives now: Scottsdale, AZ

Road glory? Cat 2 on the road, but don’t race much these days

Triathlon glory (this is a category, right?): 2016 #2 ranked 20-24 male in U.S., 2017 #1 ranked 20-24 male in U.S., 2017 St. George 70.3 1st AG, 2017 70.3 World Championships 4th AG, 2017 Arizona 70.3 1st overall, 2018 rookie professional year, 2018 Wildflower long course 8th pro
Dirt glory? 2016 Barn Burner 100 - 1st place duo, 2nd overall

Gravel glory? To be determined ;)

Preferred caffeine delivery system? Don’t have much of it. Green tea on occasion perhaps once a month, otherwise just from caffeinated gels on race day. I enjoy the taste of coffee, but I have it extremely sparingly - maybe a few times a year. On the occasion I do have some, you can bet it gives me superpowers.

Since I don’t use a lot of caffeine, I make up the difference in watts. Here’s how: my favorite high intensity session is two to three rounds of ten by thirty seconds on, thirty seconds off. “On” is all-out, and “Off” is all-off. It’s simple, effective, and never gets easier.

Insta: @pstevietri

Twit: N/A



Chris Bagg

 DOB: May 15, 1979

Grew up: Westborough, Massachusetts (not the Westboro you’re thinking of! That one doesn’t have a “UGH” at the end!)

Lives now: Portland, OR

Road glory: professional triathlete from 2006 to the present; once nabbed 4th at Ironman Canada, and 12th at ITU Long Distance World Champs
Dirt glory: The triathlete who can ride a cyclocross bike—and pretty fast, too.

Gravel glory? None yet, but but the glory I seek is that of making the others around me better. I can think of no better gravel glory than to help a teammate to a big win.

Preferred caffeine delivery system? Ready? OK, here we go. Light roast coffee beans fine ground in either a electric grinder (boo) or hand grinder (yay!). Two Aeropress scoops with the press in the upside down position. FIll halfway with 175 degree water and perform “the turbulent wiggle.” Press over 45 seconds. This, basically.

Insta: @christopherbagg

Twitter: @chrisbagg



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