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About Us

Every time you turn the crank of a bike, you generate power. We call this action “pushing watts,” and it’s central to everything we do, and maybe everything you do, too. Every time you head out the door to ride, or run, or launch that project, climb that crag, make that pitch, raise that kid, build that house, you are pushing watts—moving energy out into the world. That action is contagious—the people around you feel the power, and suddenly they’re imagining their next great adventures, too. We are that fellowship of strivers—not just athletes—who seek to enrich the world around us by taking hard work and transforming it into power, transforming it into watts. For that dad with the baby on his hip, fielding a million calls while launching the next great project—we’re your people. For the woman grinding up a dirt road on the backside of a mountain the desert, sweating for no other reason than to experience the feeling of pushing watts—you’re part of our clan. We are everyone who is working hard towards some great personal goal.

And part of achieving that goal, of course, is the fuel that powers us. Good food, yes, but who can doubt the gift of a perfect cup of coffee, or maté, or Earl Grey before your ride, or at the end of your endeavor? Those of you meeting at the coffee shop, cleats clicking on the pavement, imagining the ride to come? We want to go on a ride with you. You, sitting in the corner, building something behind the shield of your laptop? We’re in it with you. And at the end of the ride, run, adventure, work day, we’re here again, lifting a mug together to celebrate the day we’ve completed, the small deposit we’ve all made together into the account of striving.

Caffeine and Watts isn’t just about riding bikes—the bikes are a perfect expression of what we do, yes, but cycling is just the beginning. We know that when we push watts together, in a variety of contexts, sports, and endeavors, we enrich each other and our communities, each one of us arriving at the end of the day with a cup slightly more full than when we began it. We’d love for you to join us—we’ve got a feeling that you belong.

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